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Beige Silhouette Trio

Beige Silhouette Trio

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Scent Profiles:

  • Eucalyptus Lavender: a light and refreshing scent used to release stress and anxiety
  • Playful Romance: a deep rose scent with the sweetness of jasmine
  • Cedarwood Lemon: a clean and earthy scent that energizes the body
  • Citrus Lavender: a scent used to calm anxiety and refocus attention
  • Rosemary Cedarwood: a fresh earthy scent used to repel insects
  • Cinnamon Bouquet: warm cinnamon scent with a hint of lavender
  • Chamomile Tea Tree: a calming sweet scent used to promote sleep and soothe tension
  • Sweet Serenity: jasmine combined with a hint of lavender for a sweet and calming scent
  • Relaxing Roses: rose and lavender scents for a relaxing evening
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