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About Paperludus

Hi, I'm Lilli!

A cancer survivor with ADHD who uses crafts as an outlet for her neurodivergent brain.

A little about me and how Paperludus came to be:

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL and by 2009 I was granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation because doctors didn't think I'd survive, but after 74 blood transfusions, 68 platelet transfusions, and 6 surgeries I’m able to say that I am cancer survivor.. With a new condition for life!

As a side effect of a medication I took for chemotherapy, I developed ADHD. For years I took Adderall, but the side effects were intense and I knew it wasn’t sustainable for my health. I planned to one day stop once able because my job as a chemist was too mentally demanding.

The universe loved my idea and the lab I worked for closed and left me wit’s the opportunity to change my life!

I picked ALL the hobbies and ditched the meds! I no longer need them because I wake up excited at the next thing I want to do. Will today be candle making? Dice making? Earring making? All three? I do whatever my brain decides to hyper focus on. 

I’m much happier now and am glad my career took the turn it did. I hope to share my story through my hobbies and encourage others like me to take a leap of faith into whatever they think is best for their life because life is just too short to not try. 🥰